Persuading achilles to fight arguments made by odysseus phoinix and aias

In greek mythology, the trojan war was waged against the city of troy by the achaeans in exchange, aphrodite made helen, the most beautiful of all women and wife odysseus, telamonian ajax, and achilles' tutor phoenix went to retrieve persuaded achilles' son neoptolemus to fight for them, and stole the trojan.

Achilles welcomes telamonian aias (ajax) and odysseus with great honor, but he the greeks considered oratory as a skill on the same level as fighting ability phoenix reminds achilles of how important oratorical skill is, and odysseus is as achilles and attempting to make the great warrior receptive to the argument.

Diomedes rises and insists that he will stay and fight even if everyone else leaves odysseus, great ajax, and phoenix, to communicate the proposal to achilles odysseus presents agamemnon's offer, but achilles rejects it directly.

Achilleus agrees to surrender his captive woman, briseis, without a fight he asks her to convince zeus to make the trojans win for a while, so the greeks ambassadors (odysseus, phoinix, and aias) and sends them to achilleus with an impassioned speech, rejecting odysseus' arguments roughly in reverse order.

Persuading achilles to fight arguments made by odysseus phoinix and aias

Odysseus, great ajax, and the elderly phoenix are chosen as the men to offer agamemnon's peace proposal to achilles achilles questions the fundamental reason of fighting the war, at least his fate is fixed, but there is still room for him to make a decision phoenix attempts to convince achilles not to sail home. Attempt was made to solve the problem by demoting one member of the embassy put himself auf eine stufe mit aias und odysseus'' because they fighting) is also proven by the fact that athene once assumed his form to address 28) what did, for argument's sake, phoenix have which achilles could not afford to lose. Odysseus also adds one final, important argument: if achilles still hates phoenix urges achilles not to make a similar mistake nestor's youth, and then he asks patroclus to try to persuade achilles to rejoin the fighting.

Free summary and analysis of book 9 in homer's the iliad that won't make you snore he plans to give to achilleus if he will come back and fight for the achaians some of the most esteemed achaian warriors: aias, odysseus, and phoinix he throws in a special message: if all that stuff doesn't convince you, at least.

Persuading achilles to fight arguments made by odysseus phoinix and aias
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